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September 2007
The Green Agenda

The Green Agenda (Click Here to read the full article)

The Green Agenda

Over the last decade, arcane concept such as ‘global warming’, ‘greenhouses gases’, ‘carbon footprints’ and ‘sustainability’ have loomed ever larger in the public consciousness. Mankind has woken up to the havoc it has wreaked since the industrial revolution and protection if the environment has become the overriding issue of the 21st century.
Manufactures as well as individuals are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their eco-friendly credentials and sign up to Green Agenda.

For most householders, the garden is their most tangible point of contact with the environment, so the £5bn garden-supply industry finds itself in an excellent position to promote green practices among consumers. The task is made easier by the fact that most people genuinely want to do something about depleted water and energy resources, reduce the reliance on carbon fuels and slow the spread of the landfill sites. However, recycling, water conservation and the use of organic products are still often perceived as burden – and an expensive one at that. Reducing costs, particularly in the organic market, is a key challenge for the sector.

Other firms are using innovative techniques to bypass the use of timber products entirely. Vinyl Fencing, based in Peacehaven, produces maintenance- free fences made of recyclable material that requires none of the protective chemicals – such as arsenic, lead and creosote – associated with wooden structures and has a lifetime of between 50-60 years. “We are protecting the forest” says Managing Director Sasha Dragojevic. “It seems irresponsible to use such a limited natural resource for something that has a better alternative. Timber fences last only 5-10 years before being replaced, which means cutting down more trees. That can happen many times during the lifetime of only one vinyl fence”.

Ultimately, the future of the planet depends on how much we as individuals are prepared to pay for our environmental conscience. Manufacturers must step up their research and keep looking for creative ways to reduce the damage we cause to the natural world. Retailers must seek to lower the cost of green products, even at the expense of increasing the price of more harmful goods. Government has a vital role to play in educating adults and children, as well as giving companies financial incentives to devise eco-friendly solutions. As fossil fuels begin to run out, we must re-evaluate worldwide transportation methods, shorten supply chains and prioritise alternative energy resources, such as biomass. Business is all about making money, but the colour of money has to be green.


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No Maintenance – Lifetime Warranty…

woodgrain_priv_lattVinyl Fencing Ltd. is exclusive importer and distributor of vinyl fencing and decking in UK, supplied by the American company A Vinyl Fence and Deck Wholesaler.
We keep large stock of many different styles of top quality fences and decking, at attractive and affordable prices. We are sure that in our wide range of products you could find the style that suits your needs and taste and you could forget about maintenance or painting and just enjoy the time in your garden.

Vinyl fence is created for your peace of mind. Here are some reasons why it is better than any alternative product:

  • No more painting or replacing your fence or deck due to normal wear and tear!
  • From protecting your children, to preserving old-growth forests, vinyl is the environmentally wise choice!
  • The face of the fence is on both sides!
  • Since it doesn’t absorb moisture it won’t blister, peel, corrode or rot!
  • Strong and well designed, our posts are self supporting!
  • Durable all weather vinyl maintains a fresh appearance year after year!

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Vinyl Fencing Ltd.