New CELLEK Decking!

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Cellek Decking

It’s waterproof, easy to install, and unmatched in durability which makes it our best line of vinyl decking ever.

When you add up all the features and benefits of our line of decking you get the best value in decking material without the hassles of maintenance and care normally associated with wood or other decking materials.


  • Durable hard vinyl composition with tough, slip-resistant wood grain surface
  • The only composite deck in the world that is made with a special proprietary fiber plus virgin vinyl
  • Proprietary composite technology that increases strength but lowers total weight
  • Strength increases through the addition of a patented special natural fiber
  • Eliminates splintering, cracking, rotting, shrinking, or cupping
  • Realistic woodgrain, non-slip surface
  • Self extinguishing vinyl composition with superior flame retardant and flame spread performance
  • Insect resistant
  • Does not contain harmful chemical treatments

Easy Installation

  • NO special tools
  • NO preset holes to drill
  • NO special training needed
  • Standard construction methods are used
  • 40% lighter than composite decking
  • Any fastening system can be used – even hidden fastening systems for a screw free look
  • Waterproof your Deck
  • Fastening Alternatives